How does the monitoring system perform control levels and control layouts?

(1) Control level
①The monitoring system of photovoltaic power station can adopt a fully digital electrical monitoring system, and the whole station has a unified data model and communication platform. The 110kV and the intelligent devices in each bay of the main transformer system are interoperable, through the adoption of the IEC61850 standard communication protocol and the process digitization of the GOOSE standard. It can effectively improve the automation integration level of the whole station, shorten the on-site scheduling time, and bring convenience to the maintenance and operation of the whole station automation system.
② The responsible persons, engineers and customers set up in the comprehensive building of the station area can monitor the important operating parameters of the grid-connected photovoltaic power station through the network. The computer monitoring system can also realize the functions of telemetry, communication and remote adjustment with the ground control, and can upload the operating parameters of the photovoltaic power station to the remote monitoring computer of the ground control to realize remote monitoring.
③ There is a main control room in the entire photovoltaic power station, which can be set in the building of the 10kV power distribution room in the booster station area. The operators in the main control home use the large screen and operator LCD as the main monitoring means to complete the entire photovoltaic power generation. Operational monitoring of systems (including booster stations). The main control room can also be equipped with an industrial TV monitoring wall, which is equipped with a large screen and a closed-circuit TV monitoring screen.
④ A set of CCTV monitoring and wall security alarm system shall be set up in the whole station; CCTV monitoring points shall be set up at important parts such as booster station, solar cell array, inverter site and surrounding walls, etc. The set program can automatically patrol each monitoring point in groups or individually or manually monitor each important part. The infrared security alarm system can be set up at the fence of the station area, and the alarm control cabinet can also be arranged in the main control room.
⑤ A set of fire alarm system shall be set up in the booster station, and the fire alarm cabinet shall also be arranged in the main control room.

(2) Control room layout
①The layout of the main control room area The main control room is arranged in the building of the 10kV power distribution room in the booster station area. room etc. Among them, the main control room is equipped with a computer monitoring system operator station, a recording printer, a large-screen display, a full-station industrial TV screen display, a disaster alarm control panel and a wall security system alarm control panel. The specific layout will be provided by the design unit with the master control room and electrical equipment room floor plan
②Indoor layout of the main control room and electrical equipment room The operating console in the main control room can be arranged in a straight line. There are multiple color monitors on the operating table with a resolution of ≥1280×1024 pixels, which are used as operator stations (master/slave), five-proof workstations, telecontrol workstations, closed-circuit televisions and wall anti-theft system display terminals. Multiple wall-mounted large-screen displays can be set up in the main control room as part of the NCS system and the CCTV system. It is used to display the main operating data of the solar photovoltaic power generation unit or other images that need to be monitored. The electrical equipment room is equipped with network equipment cabinets, main transformer protection measurement and control cabinets, 110kV line protection measurement and control screens, 110kV busbar protection solutions, battery devices, and feeder screens. , UPS power supply and CCTV cabinets and other integrated automation equipment.
④The communication cable of the string current monitoring device in the combiner box of the main channel of the cable is connected in series between the combiner boxes and finally connected to the inverter: the temperature signal cable under the battery board is laid along the battery board bracket, and the battery board is connected between the battery boards. The way of laying through the pipe finally enters the inverter along the cable tray outside the solar cell array: the communication cables from each inverter room to the booster station are laid along the cable tray.
The main control room, electrical equipment room and communication room all use anti-static floor layers, which are connected to the cable trench leading to the power distribution device of the booster station.

How does the monitoring system perform control levels and control arrangements?
PV monitoring system Control room layout