Principles and characteristics of the LOLP method

What are the principles and characteristics of the LOLP method? Next, I will introduce the principles and characteristics of the LOLP method.

The electricity generated by the solar panel is the product of the intensity of the solar radiation reaching the incident panel and its area and efficiency. The amount of power generated by the battery panel not only changes with the changes in weather conditions such as daily cycles and seasonal cycles, but also because the power required by the load is not consistent with the solar radiation model, so a battery must be used as a buffer. System designers should anticipate changes in solar radiation and optimize the combination of solar panels and battery capacity to meet the reliability of power supply to users. This level of reliability is called Loss Of Load Probability (LOLP). LOLP indicates the level at which the system meets the load requirements, and can be set between 0 and 1. When 1.0) LOLP=0, it means that the system can fully meet the requirements of the load; when LOLP=1, it means that the system cannot meet the requirements of the load at all.

Select 20 representative insolation conditions in the world, adopt the model of LOLP simulation, and derive the calculation chart from the calculated battery capacity. The size of the solar panel is plotted in a graph with 5 settings of inclination angles, and the respective latitude is used as a parameter to give a function of the average horizontal insolation. The designer can determine the maximum inclination angle of the insolation of the light-receiving surface according to this chart. Using this calculation chart, 4 groups can be selected for calculation respectively, and the battery capacity that satisfies the LOLP can be read for sufficient solar panel capacity. The designer can select a group of the most economical combination from the capacity of the solar panels and storage batteries in the 4 groups. These technologies are effective for a fixed inclination angle setting, a battery system, and an average load power supply.